According To Your Birth Month, Find Out What Kind of a Woman You Are


Women born in January are conservative, serious and ambitious. They want to criticize other people, but don’t want to talk about their own feelings as they are closed and keep their wits about them.

They are rarely angry, and they want to be surrounded with intellectual people that share their views on life.


These women are very romantic. Treat them with patience because their mood can easily change.

They have abstract thinking and it is hard to truly understand them. Don’t think about betraying them, as they will leave and you won’t see them ever again.


Women born in March have a strong sense of charisma and charm. They are loyal and dedicated. When they start falling in love, they fall hard.

These women are cute up until the point you upset them. But, overall, it is a real joy to live with a person like this.


These women are born diplomats that have easy and clear communication, but they sometimes know to pity themselves. They are very jealous by nature, and you better stay out of their way when their bubble bursts.

If you are in a relationship with a woman born in April, she will make you the happiest person on the planet.


Women born in May are very faithful and persistent to their principal. They are genuinely very nice.

However, some traits of their character in combination with them being nice can be dangerous to the man that falls in love with them. If he does something wrong, she will remember it forever.


The women born in June are very communicative and are creative and curious. They believe and want the truth to be told in person and directly instead of hearing it from someone else.

When in love, they are very dangerous players and men are like toys in their hands.


These women are very honest and don’t allow anyone to come near them. Thus, they are very intelligent, mysterious and beautiful.

They don’t want conflicts and are generally polite towards everyone. If a woman born in July fall in love with you, the greatest mistake you can make is cheat on her, since you’ll lose her forever.


These women possess a great combination of egoism and a lovely heart. Don’t mess with them because she will inevitably win.

Despite being happy and an incredible sense of humor, they won’t allow anyone to mock them. They want to be in the spotlight and men lose their cool in their presence.


Kind, disciplined, beautiful women that will never forget nor forgive the one who betrays them. These women want long and deep relationships.

They are not one-night-stands types. They are openly critical about their partner and ask them to meet all the requirements they set.

The man who can prove himself gets the girl. They won’t make any mistakes, as their mind is stronger that their heart.


These women demonstrate strength and independence. They have a character made of iron, but deep inside they are very emotional.

They rarely cry in front of other people. They are smart, don’t open up to everyone as they know people tend to abuse that. Other women can envy them.


A woman born in November is always a step ahead of everyone else. They can immediately recognize a lie.

Don’t play with these women as you will always lose. An important thing to know about them is if you are ready to hear the truth, always ask it from them.


December women are born with luck, but they are impatient, too hasty and always find a way out of a situation on top. They know how to liven up the mood at a party.

It usually takes them only minutes and you will be all over them. Their heart is gold, and people sometimes can hurt them.

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